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DaemonLab Consulting Services

Daemonlab Consulting is a non-profit security consulting organization sponsored by HyperSec Consulting Group UK.

The main purpose of DaemonLab INC is to, research and develop security technologies to help corporations and government organizations anticipate risks and be ahead of the threat.

DaemonLab Inc has development several software technologies:

-ViruSNORT: A promiscuous Mode Virus Detector and Preventor.
            -Asturel: A plug-in for the virusnort project to deploy vaccines for known and unknown viruses.
-MagicHat: A virus honeypot to detect known and unknown viruses....

Please check the project Repository for a complete project feedback.

If you need help.... contact us, we are here for you.

Luis Guillermo Castaņeda Estaņol
HyperSec Consulting Group
Chief Technical Officer

Luis Guillermo Castaņeda Estaņol
Email: admon@gmx.net
PKI-KEY: here