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Welcome to Daemonlab.ORG

Daemonlab.org is a non-profit security consulting organization.

The information contained in this site is property of Daemonlab.org any copy(publication)/modification must be notified to admin@daemonlab.org.

In this site you will find:
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We hope you enjoy Daemonlab.org!!!!


Luis Guillermo Castaņeda Estaņol
Email: admon@gmx.net
PKI-KEY: here

Montly Recomendation Product

IDA (Interactive Disassembler):
We recommend the use of Interactive Disassembler for vulnerability development, forensics or just reverse engineer, its the best multi-architecture disassembler. (http://www.datarescue.com) (MORE)

Montly Recomendation Service/Product

Google Maps:
We recomend the use of Google Maps for curiosity or profesional assurance is a fancy and really advanced application. (http://maps.google.com) (MORE)